Recruitment Notes:

If you dont see your class/spec above don't be scared to still apply. We consider all exceptional candidates if we feel they can be an improvement to our guild.

Tanks - Need 1 tank capable of playing all tank classes. Must be vocal.

What is Luce?

We are a stable 3 day raiding guild that has been around for 6 years!
We aim to push ourselves and our guild rank to the best it can be within the 3 days we raid.

What do we offer you?

  • A guild that is looking to push for higher rankings.
  • A serious competitive raiding environment.
  • A nontoxic raiding environment.
  • A raid team with like-minded players.
  • Fun and enjoyable experience both inside and outside of WoW.
  • An opportunity to clear content at it's hardest difficulty.

Raid Days:

Preface - Raids can be extended up to 30mins when we are close to a kill
- Wednesday 20.10 CET - 00.00 CET*
- Thursday 20.10 CET - 00.00 CET*
- Sunday 20.10 CET - 00.00 CET* (During split raids we start 19.10)

Missed/Skipped raids due to attendance/holidays can and will be replaced on other nights if all of the raid agrees this also applies to adding extra nights if the raid is motivated to.

Guild History:

25 Man
- T15 - 156 World
- T16 - 128 World
20 Man
- T17 - 305 World
- T18 - 275 World
- T19 - 180 World
- T20 - 165 World
- T21 - 135 World

As you can see luce has a very long raiding history and will hopefully continue to be a stable raiding environment for the future to come.

What are we looking for?

  • Players who don't need to be told about which talents/specs to play. We expect everyone to be up to date with their class at all times.
  • Players who can take initiative in raids and not be afraid to step up when required.
  • Players who can get the job done regardless of class/spec they are playing. Flexibility is key!
  • Players who can handle and give constructive criticism without becoming aggressive or too inflammatory.
  • Players who can focus for an entire 4 hour raid night without degrading as the night goes on.
  • Players who can put the guilds needs and best interests before their own.

    (We Split Run every tier. Everyone must have 1 alt of the same role to play in the split run)

What is it like raiding with Luce?

In Luce we believe preparation is key to fast progression in WoW. Our officer team works very hard in order to ensure we are up to date and ready for the entire tier. We try our best to make sure our raiders are as well equipped as possible to minimize and smoothen our progression times.

We have:

  • Tactic Tuesdays where the officers and raiders can talk about fights during progression
  • Active tactics discussions on our Discord where the guild can discuss previous and future raids.
  • Detailed tactic sheets available to the raiding team.

We value players who can contribute to the advancement of the guild. The more like-minded you are to pushing progression the better our guild ranking becomes.

Luce is not a guild, we are a family. We look after each other and are a very close knit team. Our primary goal is to push progression but to also enjoy spending time with each other outside of raids. Whether that’s alt raids, various other games or just being on Discord at 3am hanging out. You will find yourself turning up for the raids but staying for the guild.

If you have any other questions, or would like to chat on Discord, contact one of our officers below:

fkayonline#2505 - GM

For recruitment based inquiries add fkayonline#2505 or any other officers in-game and have a chat.